Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Anniversary- A Request

Om Namah Sivaya
Dear friends,
This is the day exactly one year back that I created this blog. In fact on that day, I didn't know what I would do with a blog. Being an engineer, I just wanted to have a blog to be in tune with the technology. So, I shared the concepts I came came across during my study into Jaimini Astrology. So, let me look back and see how far I came forward.
I can admit, I am successful in maintaining this blog with all blessings of yours. I hope I have created an impression that there is much into Jaimini than is available to us vis both print and electronic media. As I wrote somewhere in this blog itself that we have to reconstruct the Jaimini system, which has been lost in time. Yet, there is no dearth of knowledge if we really want to learn this system, that may be evident from the posting of mine on this blog.
I knowover a couple of months, I have been critisizing a parampara and which may be not too good. My point was to prove Jaimini is much more potent than these Parampara knowledge.
So, on this anniversary day, the first birthday of this blog, I request you all to give feedback and suggestions which will definitely give the fuel. There are a couple of promises that I made to one of the reader and friend of mine, which I couldn't keep up. I will definitely come up with an exhaustive article on Chara Dasa(RB-NS) method, which provide my experience in timinig marriage. I had been busy in preparing for my promotion issues whic had been pending for a couple of years and God grace, I got the promotion.
Of course, there are no new resolutions, but I can promise that I will keep up the promise to introduce the ancient commentaries. I end this blog with an appeal to you all to give feedback on the concepts/ style of writing etc. to keep myself active.
Sarve Janah Sukhinoh Bhavantu.
Seeking Blessings,


ancientsky said...

My name is Antoine Garth. I am an american astrologer currently living
in Thailand, and am the author of the upcoming book "The Astrology of

My focus is on ancient western astrological practices and their
philosophical foundations. My book in based on a 2nd century manual
called "The Anthology" by Vettius Valens, a Phoenician living in
Greece. The book is a manual for practicing astrologers and includes
charts to illustrate techniques designated throughout the book.

One of the principle ideas hellenistic astrology revolves around is
"moira" or "fate", the cosmic principal of binding apportionment. This
concept seems a fascinating parallel to the principal of karma, and
begins to cement the link between the ancient eastern and western
systems. In my opinion, the Jaimini astrological tradition explores
the relationship between our karma, our fate, and how the astrology
chart operates as the record of our accounts.
In furtherance of this discussion, I would like to interview
Mahamahopadhyaya Iranganti Ranga Charya, or other authorities or
students of Jaimini Astrology for an informal panel discussion on the
relationship between Karma and Astrology and what astrological factors indicate the native's karmic heritage.

Additionally, I am embarking on serious study of Jaimini Astrology,
and am interested in understanding the cultural significance of the
relationship between Andhra Pradesh and the Jaimini culture. I am also looking for any guidance in my study. I am not specifically seeking a guru, but my mind is open to learning as much as possible.

I will be in India for one month between approximately 21 December and 23 January. If you could please recommend colleagues or students for this purpose I will greatly appreciate it. My email address is

I hope this letter finds you happy, healthy and contented.

Antoine Garth

PS - Here is a link to some of my writing which will be included in
the book.

Shanmukha said...

Namaste Antoine Garth,

I have sent you a reply to your personal mail.


vivek said...

Dear shanmukha,

Congratulations for completing 1 year of blogging here.

I wish this blogs unravels most of the secrets in jaimini system in future.

Your hard work is much appreciated.

Style of writing is excellent and interesting.

i feel there is nothing wrong in critising a group if it spreads demonic knowledge instead of divine knowledge in the name of continue your good work.

seeing the growth of ''center gurus'' soon i may be able to find a guru on ebay for purchase.

trting to learn jaimini is highly challenging.

now with the release of SA magazine,we have got two manuscripts through somanatha and krishna misra.Both have differences which makes it even more confusing and i do not know which i should depend .

Yes,i hope you will let us know about the chara dasa-RBNS as soon as you are done with immediate professional commitnments .

Also waiting for the transliteration of shloka i sent you.Please do it in your free time.

Nice to see Irangati sir felicitated.

wish you good luck

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