Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Commentaries on Jaimini System

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Recently, I had a chance to visit one of the wonderful manuscripts libraries in Chennai in the quest of Jaimini System. I am reproducing below some of my findings for the benefit of all. I could get hold of printed commnetary of Neelakantha on two adhyayas of Jaimini and the text of remaining two Adhyayas. As usual I will submit to Saptarishis Astrology for uploading them in their download page. As you all understand the Neelakantha commentary is a beacon in understanding Jaimini System. Neelakantha is the first commentator who has explained the sutras in a very methodogical manner with his great understanding of Sanskrit sutra literature, which according to my Guru is perfect. I have a Telugu commentary on Jaimini Sutras which has just translated the Neelakantha commentary word to word without understanding the system. Why I write this is to show amount of plagiarism in the Jaimini commentaries available in print. This work was published by Vekateswara Stream Press, Mumbai.
There are some of commentaries which are, probably, not available today. I am listing them for the benefit of readers. I could not get them all since, it costs me much. That library is a private libary and they charged Rs. 10 for each photo snap I take. So, this time I could afford to get only Neelakantha commetary and I hope I will get the other works in near future.
The printed commentaries available there are,

  1. Commentary by Achtutananda Jha published in Varanasi

  2. Commentary by Sita Rama Sharma (Jha ???) published in Varanasi

  3. Commetanry of Pt. Ram Yattan Ojha. It is an exhaustive commentary on first two adhyayas. Pt. Ram Yattan Ojha was the Great Astrologer who used Parivritti Drekkana chart with perfection.
There is a another BPHS variation, which is very important for students of Jaimini Astrology, namely Sridhara Pandita Sanskrit commentary. This work contains the Jaimini part which is most surprisingly similar to the available Vriddha Karikas on Jaimini that supports 7 Chara Karakas etc.
Hope this information is useful for the students of Jaimini.
Sarve JanaaH Sukhino Bhavantu
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