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Chara Dasa (RB-NS), A Supplement

श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः
śrī gurubhyo namaH

As a supplement, I explain the Chara Dasa according to Raghava Bhatta method and how it fits in the concerned Jaimini Sutra. It is based on my Guru Sri Iranganti Rangacharya’s work Jaimini Sutramritam.

The concerned sutra reads as follows.

पंचमे पदक्रमात् प्राक् प्रत्यक्त्वम् चर दशायां
pamcame padakramāt prāk pratyaktvam cara daśāyām


The word पंचम consists of three single lettered words प, च and म.
पं = लग्न (pam = Katapayadi Numeric Value gives Lagna)
= A weapon and the weapon used by Sri Maha Vishnu is Chakra.
चमे = चकार पूर्वक मकार (came = cakāra pūrvaka makāra)

According to मध्यमपद लोपि कर्मधारय समास (madhyamapada lopi karmadhāraya samāsa), the word Chame indicates Chakram. Now, which Chakra is used? The answer lies in another sutra प्राची वृत्तिर्विषमेषु (prācī vrttirvishameshu) indicating the prakriti chakra shall be used in this case. I have explained about this Prakriti chakra in SA Volume 6. Hence, it is deduced this Chara dasa runs according to the Prakriti of Lagna.

पदक्रमात् (padakramāt) , the dasa runs according to padakrama order. This is very important rider here. Neelakantha interprets this as Pada of signs that is Vishama Pada and Sama Pada which was also authenticated by Vriddha Karikas. Yet, in this variation Pada Krama order means the following.
  • For Chara Rasis: Regular Rasi order
  • For Sthira Rasis: Every 6th sign
  • For Ubhaya Rasis: Trine movement (1,5,9,2,6,10,3,7,11,4,8,12)

Now, the words प्राक् प्रत्यक् (prāk pratyak) must be deciphered. Here, comes the importance of Sanskrit knowledge and the Vedanta literature. The proper antonym of प्रत्यक् (pratyak) is पराक् (parāk). Raghava Bhatta used the word पराक् (parāk) instead of प्राक् (prāk). The katapayadi numeric yields

पराक् = 121 / 12 gives the remainder as 1.
प्रत्यक् = 211 /12 gives the remainder as 4.

So, the dasa starts from Lagna in case of male natives and from the fourth house for female natives. Now, how to reckon 4th house for female natives? The answer lies in the word चमे, which means according to the Prakriti chakra. For example, for a female natives if lagna is Virgo (even sign) the dasa starts from the forth house rekoned anti-zodiacally i.e Gemini. But the dasa runs according to the oddity of the Janma Lagna, not the oddity of the start sign as the first word पंचमे indicate.

In summarizing, we can deduce that Chara dasa starts from Lagna for male and from 4th house for female according to oddity of Lagna and in the order of Prakriti Chakra Padakrama order.

Dasa Years Calculation:

Raghava Bhatta always interprets the Swaste vaara, Suthaste Janma sutras for dasa calculation and if the dasa lord in its 7th of dasa sign gives 10 years and if in the same house 12 years, which is the pecularity of all the phalita dasas dealt by him.

Kindly remember he used swasthe Vaara, not daara which makes a lot of difference. This is culled from the manuscript available with us.

In this version, he used Pratyak Varsha Gananam, which is reverse to the normal Naadhanta Sama Prayena rule by using the Na kwachit adhikara sutra. Hence, the calculation of dasa years will be from lord to the sign, which is reverse to the normal course.

My interpretation:

Though grammatically not correct, I understand the word पंचमे consists another meaning प (1), च (6) and म (5). That is for movable signs the movement will be every next sign (प =1), for fixed signs the movement will be every 6th sign (च = 6) and for dual signs, the movement will be (म = 5).

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chara Dasa (Raghava Bhatta - Nrisimha Suri method)

Om Namah Sivaya

This month I am introducing Chara dasa (Raghava Bhatta – Nrisimha Suri method). Fortunately, of late JHora comes with Chara dasa of Rangacharya variation which is based on this method.

Jaimini Chara Dasa calculation is entirely different according to the rare Jaimini works Jataka Sara Sangrha, Sutrartha Parkasika. The pecularity of this method lies in Raghava Bhatta's application of "Swasthe Daraha", "Sutasthe Janma" sutras to calculation of dasa years. In this method if the lord of dasa rasi is in 7th from it, then dasa years will be 10 years. And also the starting dasa sign will be different for female natives. Sri Iranganti Rangacharya’s “Jaimini Sutramritam” is the only available commentary, which is largely based on above cited works. Of course, Rangacharya also gave a number of slokas from Kalpalatha of Somanath Mishra and Phala Ratnamala of Krishna Mishra and others

The following works are mainly based on Jaimini Sutras

  1. Jyotisha Phala Ratnamaala by Krishna Mishra, the best for predictive part of Jaimini, fortunately available in printed form with Madras Oriental Library, Chennai, India. Jyotisha
  2. Kalpa Latha by Somanatha Mishra
  3. Jataka Sara Sangraha By Raghava Bhatta, the best work on Jaimini for Rasi Dasas, IMHO
  4. Sutrartha Prakasika By Akumalla Nrisimha Suri
  5. Laxmana Vakya
  6. Jaimini Sutrartha Vakya by Nrisimha Daivagna
  7. Vanchanaadeyam By Vanchanada deals Arudha Padas extensively
  8. Jataka Rajeeyam by Singanarya
  9. Other commentaries by Neelakantha, Venkatesa, Bala Krishnananda Saraswati
  10. A work by Sarvajna Muni, whom Krishna Mishra frequently quotes in his Phala Ratnamala.
  11. Jaimini Padyamritam, by Durga Prasada Dwivedi, very important work since it contains most of the Vriddha Karika slokas
  12. Jaimini Sutra (Jataka Narayaneeyam) By Sri Vadrevu Suryanarayana Murthy
  13. Jaimini Sutramritam By Sri Iranganti Rangacharya, the best of all commentaries available in Print
  14. Gautama Samhita, a minor work on Arudha Padas
  15. Brihaspatha Samhita deals with mixing up Parasari and Jaimini concepts

Since, both Jataka Sara Sangraha and Sutrartha Prakasika are not available to public except some privileged astrologers of traditional paramparas, I tried to cull out the rules from various resources available. The net result is two versions, one followed by Sri Iranganti Rangacharya and the other by the astrological software called Jaimini Light by

I have explained below the methods and subtle differences between these two methods at appropriate places. Please go through them and try yourself.

Chara Dasa Sequence

  1. Chara Dasa always start from Lagna for male charts
  2. For female charts
    • if lagna is odd, starting dasa rasi is 4th sign zodiacally from lagna
    • if lagna is even, starting dasa rasi is 4th sign anti zodiacally from lagna, that is 10th sign from lagna zodiacally
  3. For both male and female charts, the dasa sequences is forward or reverse according to oddity of lagna, not the oddity of Starting dasa sign.
  4. Chara Dasa progresses Zodiacal or Anti Zodiacal depending on the Odd or Even nature of Lagna, respectively. For Example, if Lagna is Aries, Dasa sequence is Ar, Ta,Ge,Cn etc. If Lagna is Cancer, Dasa sequence is Cn,Ge,Ta,Ar etc.
  5. Maha Dasa Rasis are determined by Padakrama order

· Movable Signs regular from Lagna

· Fixed Signs every 6th sign from Lagna

· Dual Signs Trines, that is 1, 5, 9, 2, 6, 10…. From Lagna

****Please note in the above sequence for dual signs, after 9th , the next dasa rasi is 2nd from lagna not 10th from lagna (This is very important since 10th is followed in Narayana Dasa)

Calculation of Maha Dasa Years

1. If Lord of dasa sign is in dasa sign itself, the dasa years equal to 12 years.

2. The lord of Scorpio is Mars and lord of Aquarius is Saturn. Not necessary to consider Rahu, Ketu.

3. Exaltation and Debilitation of planets need not to be considered.

Iranganti Rangachary method

For Male charts

· If the lord of dasa sign is in odd sign, count from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign zodiacally , both sign including

· If the lord of dasa sign is in even sign, count from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign anti zodiacally , both sign including

For Female charts

· If the dasa sign is odd sign, count from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign zodiacally both sign including - 1

· If thedasa sign is even sign, count from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign anti zodiacally , both sign including – 1

· If Lord of Dasa sign (Paka sign) is 7th sign from dasa sign, the dasa years will be 10.

Please note, for female charts, the count depends on the oddity of dasa sign

MindSutra method

For both Male charts and Female charts

  • If the lord of dasa sign is in odd sign, count from from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign zodiacally , both sign including - 1
  • If the lord of dasa sign is in even sign, count from from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign anti zodiacally , both sign including –1
  • If Lord of Dasa sign (Paka sign) is 7th sign from dasa sign, the the dasa years will be 10.
  • If Lord of Dasa sign (Paka Sign) is in the dasa sign itself, the dasa years will be 12.

Calculation of Antara Dasas in Maha Dasa

Sri Rangacharya didn’t explain the calculation of antaradasas either in his “Jaimini Sutramritam” or “A Manual of Jaimini Astrology”. But, from the interaction with him, I learnt how to calculate Antaradasas. He explained that AD are to be calculated treating Mahadasa sign as lagna and, using the padakrama according to the nature of signs, that is Movable, Fixed, Dual.

Rangacharya method

· For both male and female charts, Antara Dasas always start from dasa sign

· Prakriti chakra Padakrama order must be followed according to the dasa sign.

· The number of Antaradasas will be equal to 12 and duration of each AD is equal to Dasa years divided by 12.

Mind Sutra method
Astrologers at MindSutra software modified the calculation of antaradasas since they feel keeping AD duration always equal to one year is more logical and works better. Similarly the Pratyantaradasas will be 12 and each duration equals to one month.

· Antaradasas start from the rasi occupied by lord of dasa sign (Paka Sign) and progress Zodiacally or anti – Zodiacally according to the oddity of Paka Sign (sign occupied by lord)

· Antaradasas are always regular, that is Padakrama order not to be followed

· The No. of antaradasas are equal to the No of Dasa years. That means, the dasa rasi having 12 years duration only will get 12 antaradasas.

For example if dasa rasi is Taurus and Lord Venus is in Virgo, then the dasa years will be 4 and the Antaradasas are Vi, Le, Cn, Ge.

Dasa Anyasis

I recommend readers to study "Timing Events using various Jaimini Rasi Dasas" article by D.K.Sen of That article, very exhaustively explains the rules with a live exmaple upto Antaradasa level.

And also, please go through the references given below


  1. Jaimini Sutramritam By Sri Iranganti Rangacharya (Sanskrit and English commentary)
  2. Timing Events using various Jaimini Rasi Dasas by D.K.Sen of
  3. 1999 Annual issue of THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE, page 60,61,62
  4. A Manual of Jaimini Astrology by Iranganti Rangacharya, M/s Sagar Publications

P.S: The next post will be a definite surprise to all of us which cracks the notion of Jaimini knowledge is available with only one parampara. Yes, I am going to introduce you all a wonderful reference on Chara Dasa and after reading that we all will be astonished as to how a special dasa was designed in the name of Lord Vishnu.

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