Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Important Announcement

Dear Friends,

I have an important announcement to make. Before that let me tell you another important information.

Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Iranganti Rangacharya, the living legend of Jaimini Astrology released another important  book on Jaimini System. The book is a commentary on Jyotisha Phalaratnamala of Krishna Mishra. This work was first rescued by painstaking efforts of the editors of the Madras Oriental Library and was brought out in print by them 1960's. They consulted more than five manuscripts in preparing the final version.  Of course, this translation is now in Telugu only, but Sri Rangacharya has already completed the translation and commentary on this important work in English. Unfortunately, that is not still published due to unavoidable (avoidable, perhaps) circumstances. Nevertheless, it is published for the benefit of Jaimini students, who can understand Telugu language. It is the first time, this Jyotisha Phalaratnmala of Krishna Mishra is in print form with perfect translation. I know, there was a Telugu translation, probably in manuscript form, but it might not be as authoritative as this Sri Rangacharya's translation. Remember, Sri Rangacharya is having a rich research oriented experience in Jaimini since the last 5 decades.

Now, the important announcement I am to make.

I have been a disciple of Sri Rangacharya, but I couldn't keep up the promise I made to him. I failed a couple of times in the past, though. But, this promise always lingers in my mind. Now, I am sure that I am unfit for being a disciple of Sri Rangacharya. 

The name of this blog was also inspired by Sri Rangacharya's book Jaimini Sutramritam. As I have not been a faithful disciple of Sri Rangacharya, I am morally not justified to run a blog like this quoting him as my Guru. Hence, I decided to stop this blog indefinitely. 

If I could clear myself from this guilty feeling or obtained his blessings to continue, I would continue to write blogs. I thank one and all for encouraging me by writing their views. I must specifically thank the Editor, Saptarishis Astrology Free Online Global Magazine for backing me all the time.

I sincerely, hope the Jaimini Astrology would find its deserving place in the world of Astrology and I will continue to do my studies further, of course, I have been very busy from the last year in my professional front.

Sarve Janah Sukhinoh Bhavantu.


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