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Krishna Mishra Navamsa – Karakamsa

Om Namah Sivaya

In Jaimini System, Sage Jaimini gave utmost importance to Karakamsa Lagna. He has dealt with very specific and rare combinations from Karakamsa Lagna. Most scholars advocated Parasara Navamsa to analyze Karakamsa. But, Krishna Mishra in his Jyotish Phalaratnamala[1] advocated another way of reckoning Navamsa in line with Prakriti[2] chakra reckoning. Yet, most scholars like Sri Sanjay Rath reject this Navamsa reckoning, and my Guru advocates using this also along with Parasara Navamsa.

The relavent sloka by Krishna Mishra is given here for the benefit of readers.

The translation[3] : For Aries, Leo and Sagittarius the Navamsa reckoning starts direct from Aries. For Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the Navamsa count is reverse from Capricorn. For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the Navamsa count is direct from Libra. For Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, the count is reverse from Cancer. It must be understood that Navamsa reckoning always starts from Movable sign, which is in accordance with Parasara with an exception of Prakriti Chakra.

The following table can be used as ready reckoner with advantage.

Now, I am going to explain the application of Karakamsa to know the Ishta Devata for the native. It must be understood that whatever the combinations from Karakamsa must read from only the Navamsa chart constructed in the above explained manner. Karakamsa is the sign in which Atmakaraka planet placed in and Istha Devata for the native must be seen from 12th house of Karakamsa. If 12th is not occupied by any planet then the planet aspecting it, then lord of that sign is considered.

I am giving the relevant adhikara sutras from Jaimini for ready reference.

Example Chart 1: Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, 18-2-1836; 6:23AM, 87E44, 22N53, Raman Ayanamsa.

Note: Readers may criticize me for using a different horoscope than the usual one, but I have seen a hand calculated horoscope by an eminent scholar Sri Vedavyas, PhD, where he uses probably Raman Ayanamsa. In that horoscope Moon gets more longitude than Mars, where as our software gives the other way.

Sri Ekkirala Vedavyas PhD was an IAS Officer with traditional learning n Vedic sciences, he authored many books on Hinduism, Vedic Sciences and Established an University of Vedic Sciences. He did his doctoral studies in Dating of Mahabharata War.

The data given by Sri Vedavyas is given below for your ready reference.

18th Feb 1836, 6:23 hrs 22N53, 87E 44, Ayanamsa 20Deg6 min

Asc : 304D53', Sun: 308D19', Moon: 223D15', Mars:293D9', Merc: 316D33' , Jup: 76D0' ,

Ven: 339D29', Sat: 195D10', Rahu: 34D20', Ketu: 214D21'

In the horoscope of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, two planets occupy equal degrees, though minutes are different. According to Vriddha Karika, when two planets occupy same degree, then only Rahu can be considered for Chara Karaka scheme. Yet here, since the tie is between AK and AmK, and Rahu is prohibited for being Atmakaraka, we have to decide the AK using Naisargika[4] Strength of the planets. In this system, Moon is considered stronger than Mars, so Moon becomes AK here.

But since Moon is conjunct with Sun with no digital (paksha) strength, Mars can be taken as Atmakaraka, and Moon settling for Amatya karaka. Here I stick to the tradition.

Now, look at Parasara Navamsa, Moon occupies Aries Navamsa and 12th from Karakamsa is not occupied by any planet. Sun from Sagittarius and Venus from Virgo aspects the 12th house Pisces. Jaimini instructs us that Bhakti towards Shiva and Lakshmi for Sun and Venus respectively. But, it is well known fact that Sri Paramahamsa was strong devotee of Goddess Kali.

Now, loot at the Krishna Mishra Navamsa given above. AK Moon occupies Aries Navamsa in this chart with no planet in 12th house from Karakamsa and aspects by Rahu and Sun from Sagittarius, Ketu from Gemini.

Observe the two adhikara sutras regarding Sun, Ketu and Rahu above.

Though Rahu is not in 12th house from Karakamsa lagna, but the he strongly aspects Pisces from the frontal aspect of Sagittarius. The planets Sun, Rahu and Ketu clearly indicate the devotion towards Saivite Gods and especially the eternal attachment that Sri Ramakrishna had towards Goddess Durga.

Amatyakaraka is Mars and Sage Jaimini instructs us to see devata bhakti also from 6th planet from Amatyakaraka vide Sutra Amatya Dase Chaivam. Hence the 6th planet from AmK Mars is Rahu. Count like this, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu. So, Rahu indicate bhakti towards Goddess Kali, Tamasic form of Goddess Duga.

Example Chat 2: Srila Bhakti Rakshaka Sridhara Maharaja; October 12th, 1895; 23:38 Hrs LMT, (-5.53.20), Mayapur, 88E11, 22N34, India. (Source: Robert Coch’s The Spirtual Dimensions in Vedic Astrology)

Atmakaraka is Sun placed in Virgo in Rasi Chart, in Virgo in Parasara Navamsa and in Taurus in Krishna Mishra Navamsa chart. If you look at Parasara Navamsa, Mars occupies 12th house from Karakamsa which shows devotion towards Nrisimha Deva for a Vaishanavite. But Srila Sridhara Maharaja was ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.

Now, look at Krishna Mishara Navamsa chart given above. AK Sun occupies Taurus Navamsa and 12th house is occupied by Moon. Doesn’t it clearly show devotion towards Lord Krishna for a vaishanavite. Look a the 2nd house from Karakamsa, occupied by Mars and aspected by Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu from Pisces and Ketu from Virgo. The influence of two benefic planets Jupiter and Mercury indicates that Srila Sridhara Maharaja’s excellence in Vedic scriptures, his authorship and renunciation in life. You can’t find these yogas from Parasara Navamsa chart.

Example 3: A Male native, birth details not disclosed for obvious reasons

This is my chart and over the years I have been puzzled about my Ishta Devata. I *feel* I am strongly attached towards Lord Rama and Lord Shiva, yet the Parasara Navamsa doesn’t give any clue about that. If you look at Krishna Mishra Navamsa chart, Atmakaraka Venus occupies Sagittarius Navamsa and its 12th is occupied by Sun aspected by Ketu, Mercury and Mars from Aries. It explains the native’s attachement towards Lord Rama.

I know these three examples, may not be sufficient to prove the efficacy of Krishna Mishra Navamsa chart, yet it may instigate the enthusiasm in the students of Astrology about the ancient commentators’ knowledge. That’s the precise reason why I have been repeatedly requesting on the forums to study the ancient works, though my comments seem to be harsh at times. This Navamsa chart must be used in practical charts; in fact my Guru simply calls it Jaimini Navamsa chart.

Hence, I request all to read ancient commentaries Vriddha karikas not the BPHS. God willing, I will bring these gems in this blog.

Let the knowledge come from everywhere

Warm regards,

[1] Jyotish Phalaratnamala is very important classic to understand Jaimini. No scholar yet fully uncovered the concepts it introduced, in my humble view.
[2] This Prakriti chakra reckoning was explained in my earlier posts. Please have a look.
[3] Adopted from Jaimini Sutramritam by Sri Iranganti Rangacharya.
[4] Refer to Sutrartha Prakasika. Though I don’t have complete verse right now, but it reads like “Manda Avanisunu Shashanketyaadi ….”. It means Moon is stronger than Mars.


ast said...

How to intrepret if 12th house from Atmakaraka Mercury(placed in scorpio) is empty but aspected by Venus,sun,Saturn(retro) from Aries and 12 th aspect of Rahu from Virgo


Krishna navamsa
12 th from AK -empty
Aspected by ---Venus,Sun,Sat(retro)

+ Rahu(12 th aspect from virgo)

When u used Rahu in your example chart,what aspects did you use?

Please help me find ishtadevata for this vaishnavite.

i know that venus is PArasurama,Sun is Rama,saturn is Koorma and Rahu is varaha

How to combine all these and arrive at Ishtadevata?

Shanmukha said...

Om Namah Sivaya

Dear Ast,

I fear you didn't understand the concept. The aspects you shall use is rasi aspects not Graha drishti. So the question of Rahu aspecting Libra doesnt arise.

In case no planet occupy 12th from AK, then the aspecting planet having strong argal will decide the Ista Devata.


ast said...

Dear Shanmukha.

Thanks i got your concept.I did not notice before that you mentioned Rasi drishti alone.As i dont use much of JAimini in day to day practice,i tend to look for graha drishti primarily and decide things

From your reply i can understand that we have to find the planets casting Rasi drishti to the 12th from Karakamsa and from those planets,Pick the one which is the strongest.That will give the ishtadevta

Hope my understanding this time is correct

Thanks for explaining,

dr_sdprv said...

Dear sir my birth date is 11-dec-1967 and time of birth is 04:11am,place of birth is Vijayawada. Kindly tell me about my Ishta devata and mantra.

Srikrishna said...

Dear Sir,
My birth details are:
Date of birth:30/05/1960
Time of birth:02:31 AM
Place of birth:Bombay

Please comment on the Ishta devata and the potential for spiritual enlightenment.

Maheshvara said...

On the words
Now, look at Parasara Navamsa, Moon occupies Aries Navamsa and 12th from Karakamsa is not occupied by any planet. .... Jaimini instructs us that Bhakti towards Shiva and Lakshmi for Sun and Venus respectively. But, it is well known fact that Sri Paramahamsa was strong devotee of Goddess Kali.
Sun may meen deities in shivaistic tradition (Sun)? And Venus a female good? Plus the sign of the 12th is Jupiter which also may mean (if supported by other things) shivaistic tradition (some texts put Jupiter as Indra or Shiva - Maheshvara) - I have also found in 2 plances in the internet that Pisces are connected with Shiva - (If Pisces rises as the ascendant, the Ishta Devata (form of god for worshipping and meditation) would be Lord Shiva.)

So which female deity is as ascetic as Shiva? - goddess Kali

Shanmukha said...

Dear Maheshvara,

Sun and Venus indicate the female diety and as ascetic as Shiva. It was mentioned in classics Jupiter connection indicate Lord Shiva and Godess Parvathi (SambaSiva).

But, if there is no connection with Rahu, peson can't attach to Godess Kali, IMHO.


Kindly guide me Sir,
There are four types of Navamansa chart.But Which Navamansa chart should be applied for jemini Sutras according Gemini Rishi Manuscript?
(1)Parasara Navamansa
(2)Nadinavamansa of SN Rath
(3)krishnamishra Nvamansa of regular rashi order.
(4)or any other.

Anonymous said...

Is there a software to calculate krishnamishra navamsa

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