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What Went Wrong With BPHS - 2

What Went Wrong With BPHS - 2

Om Namah Sivaya

Dear Friends,

First things first. How are you doing? Do you know that Saptarishis Astrology Vol4 was released yesterday, on December 18th 2008, to be precise? Please visit and download the Global Free Magazine for a good treat.

In the previous post in this blog, I have given one verse from BPHS and the counterpart from Vriddha Karika. Now, I am going to bring another Gem below, which again shows my point. Yet, I want to go on record, that I have no disrespect fro Sage Parasara. I worship him as a great Sage who gas graced this wonderful science to the mankind. Similarly, I have the same respect for Sage Jaimini, who propounded another wonderful system, which gives rare combinations. My point here is that to understand Jaimini, we need to consult Vriddaha Karikas and ancient commentaries. Though we need not put BPHS aside, but merely accepting whatever there in now available BPHS as authenticated is not good. Treating Jaimini as contemporary to Sage Parasara is respecting both Sages that they deserve. I urge the knowledgeable Astrological fraternity to study Vriddha Karikas, since a lot of knowledge has been corrupted and much need to be brought into light.

Now, I am giving another sloka dealing Karakamsa. The relevant verse of BPHS quoted by Sri Sanjay Rath in his commentary on Jaimini Sutras.

Well, since the sloka is very clear, no translation is given here. Now, see the relevant Vriddha Karika sloka.

Do you see the similarity and the differences? This verse gives much more than what BPHS gives. It attributes the results
1. Karakamsa
2. Lagnamsa
3. Karaka Rasi
4. Upagraha and other grahas

By any means, Vriddha Karika verse is more exhaustive and deals many concepts in one verse. Most of the Jaimini literature now on Internet deals about Karakamsa in Navamsa chart, but this verse asks us to consider Atma Karaka in Rasi chart as well.

Some may get a doubt “What this Upagraha is?” There lies the key with Jataka Sara Sangraha by Raghava Bhatta again. It not only deals the concept of Upagraha in Jaimini system, but also a dasa of that planet. Now, do you understand why I say our understanding on Jaimini now is only tip of iceberg?

I am not saying everything in ancient commentaries is fool proof. But, do we know that these concepts exist at all in the first place? How long shall we be in darkness regarding Jaimini system? Come on friends, let us start unlearn something and learn Jaimini from start. I request all to give a serious try to these ancient commentaries. I can tell you that much work is in progress in the background to bring these commentaries to light. Let us wish all the best to those volunteers doing such noble work. As per the information available with me, I can tell you that we are going to see them very soon. But, we shall have to submit the translation or the commentary in English in return to the benefit of the fraternity.

Are you ready to take on?

Warm regards,

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you but it would have been more complete and convincing if you had actually given the whole translation of both verses. Then we could see for ourselves.

Shyamasundara Dasa

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